In recognition of September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month the 2018 Men’s Health Day event was conducted at the Lake Forrest campus on Saturday, September 8.  The event used this opportunity to also focus spotlights on Heart Disease and Stroke.  It was well attended by men, women and community focused organizations interested in learning more about possible causes, treatments and lifestyle changes related to these conditions.  Informative and interesting presentations on these subjects were conducted by Dr. M. Leon Seard, II, MD, Urologist; Dr. Ancel J. Rogers, Cardio Surgeon; and Dr. Joey R. Gee, Neurologist.  Information shared has better prepared us to know what to expect, how to cope, identify risk factors, symptoms and treatment options.

SBC will continue to focus attention on the importance of  healthy lifestyles and long lives for boys and men.  Look for announcements of other related events  in the future.  Plan to join us.