Ivan S. Pitts - Senior Pastor

I believe that God has a lot in store for us. I have seen through God’s mighty hand, lives being saved, disciples maturing and a community being transformed. This is cause for “praise” to and for our God and Creator. I am committed to leading the SBC family to stay the course of the vision God has laid in our hearts and minds. I encourage all of you to be faithful in worship, diligent in bible study, and generous in the sharing of your time, talent and treasure. God is up to something here at SBC! Pastor's Bio>>

Reverend Larry Reeves

Director of Pastoral Care

Daphne Perkins

Office Manager

Minister Dwayne Roberts >>

Director of Worship Arts

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Bob Chichester

Executive Director of Operations and Business Affairs



Allen Burnett

Director of Youth Ministries

Avis Jenkins

Church Clerk